Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Potluck or Drive Through? A Culinary Perspective on Ecclesiology (Look that one up in your wikkipedia!)

People joke about how connected church life is to food and eating sometimes, but maybe there is more there than first meets the eye.  It seems to me that far too often we approach church life as if it were a fast-food drive-through window while the Father intends it to be more like a potluck.  Here's what I mean:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Church Conflict and "Reading the Bible With Gospel Eyes"

I've been in ministry long enough now to have seen - and been part of - all the church conflict I need for a life time.  For many of my unbelieving friends, church conflict born of pettiness or self-righteousness is sufficient reason - in their minds, at least - to step back from anything church related.  I'm sympathetic, but not convinced.  Sadly, church conflict becomes for them the noise that drowns out the music of the Gospel of grace.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grace and Prayer for the Gores

Let me be honest: I am not and never have been a supporter of the politics, policies or perspectives of Al Gore.  I voted against him every chance I had, and would do it again without reservation.

That said, I am still saddened by the recent announcement of the separation of Al and Tipper Gore.  Forty years of marriage. Four kids.  Best of times and worst of times, usually lived the brutal glare of the public spotlight.  That's a lot of life and relationship, so I am saddened to see it come to a season of stepping away.  Not only am I saddened, but I've been praying for them regularly.  And praying for the other marriages in my circle of relationships - including my own.  It is a tough world out there if it can bring the Gores to this moment.

I am hoping there is hope though.  And it is because they are separated, not divorced.  Here's what I am hoping and praying for.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Learning To Pray - Some Recommended Books

Summer has arrived!  Typically this is a great time to get out of the usual rush routine for lots of different things - including summertime reading.  Connected with my sermon on June 6, let me recommend some books on prayer.  Why not choose one and set aside time to read it this summer?  In addition, I'd love to have you post some of your own recommendations in the comments section.
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